Honda BF50 LRTU


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Honda BF50 LRTU

The newly redesigned Honda BF50 is compact and full of advanced features, offering the lightest weight and highest speed in their class

The Honda BF50 LRTU is light, compact 808cc three-cylinder engines, with strong torque and exciting performance.

How do they do it? By giving them PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection for easy start up, powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy. The long, slim inlet manifold and miniaturised electronic components save weight and space, contributing to the compact slim design.

Small adjustments can be made easily, up or down, by 50rpm with trolling control.  Precise control at slow speed is just as important as high-speed handling, especially if you’re fishing. The optional Trolling Control will simply adjust the speed through increments of 50rpm – making it ideal for fishing.

Add to that our unique Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) and the super efficient lean burn control of the ECOmo system, and you’ve got a very impressive combination indeed.

Honda had a simple idea to make outboard engines cleaner, quieter and more friendly towards aquatic life – he made them 4-stroke. It was a solution that made Honda pioneers in marine engine technology, but more importantly it made us more responsible towards this fragile environmental resource.