Honda BF30 LRTU


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Honda BF30 LRTU

A mid-sized engine that thinks it’s a giant. Zipping across your favourite stretch of water or nipping around the coastline is when you’ll realise that choosing a Honda was a great decision. It’s so quiet when you’re cruising you can actually hold a conversation with your boat mates.

Eco-friendly: No mixing of petrol and oil either it runs cleanly on unleaded, so nothing is polluting the water. So what you get is a perfect combination of robustness, performance and everyday reliability capped off with impressive eco-credentials the environment will love you for it.

Cool running: A highly efficient cooling system allows plenty of water to flow through the engine. This keeps those hard-working three-cylinders cool for better performance at all speeds.

Less of a drag: The gear case has a low drag coefficient and hydrodynamic shape. The gears within are machined to ultra-fine tolerances reducing friction and contributing to the superb performance and fuel economy.

Twist and go: With a smooth action throttle twist-grip and friction control, powering your way through the water is effortless. Just roll on and off the power, or lock it off in one position for constant power just like cruise control.

Power trim and tilt: With power trim and tilt with a full range of 64, the boat can be trimmed or tuned for more efficient performance and fuel efficiency. It also prevents any propeller damage at the water’s edge or close to rocks.