Honda BF150 LCU


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Honda BF150 LCU Outboard Engine

When you are chasing horizons, you want an outboard motor that delivers optimum performance with ultimate peace of mind. Whether you’ve got a speedboat or a larger vessel – the Honda BF150, BF135 and BF115 outboard motors are sure to deliver reliable power wherever it is you go.

Honda BF150 LCU – Seamless performance and optimum power are what you get from the cutting edge 4-stroke technology in these three Honda outboards, so 50 years of Honda automotive engine research and innovation clearly haven’t gone to waste then.

Programmed Fuel Injection – Fuel injection delivers a faster throttle response, easier starting and superior fuel economy.

ECOmo: Economy Controlled Motor –Precisely regulates the air-fuel mixture to make it leaner, providing optimum fuel consumption in cruising mode.

  • 150 hp
  • Long shaft / Counter rotating
  • Electric start / Basic flexible rigging package
  • Power trim & tilt
  • Power thrust / 16 Valve
  • 12v 40 amp Charging coil
  • 217 kg