"In every drop of water, there is a story of life. Enjoy the boating life!"

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OGI Logistik GmbH

International Brokerage and Sales

Motorboats offer the opportunity to forget everyday stress, enjoy nature and experience the surroundings in a special way. However, there are many different boats, as the spectrum of expectations is wide: small, large, pragmatic, luxurious, simple or with a lot of accessories.
We have comprehensive and detailed information about the boat market and support with competence and expertise when buying or selling boats and yachts. The best way to buy your new or used boat is through us.
We import and export new or used boats for local clients as well those from all over the world.
We are at the centre of a complex market, one subject to economic shifts, exchange rates, changes of fashion and design and with constant adjustments in government import, tax and certification policy.
We ensure that our clients are well informed and have all the relevant information and assistance needed to make educated decisions.
We have a passion for connecting people with more than just an object.